Anti-theft devices are not foolproof, but they can stop the amateur and slow down the professional. 

Thieves will select vehicles without anti-theft devices over vehicles with them, as it takes longer to steal a car with an anti-theft device and may attract more attention. Anti-theft devices include those listed below:

Tracking Systems: Using Global Positioning Technology police can track your vehicle when instructed. Low tech, low cost tracking programs such as the IDsticker can also be effective and an important additional layer should the more high tech systems not function.

Alarm Systems: While somewhat controversial in urban areas due to so many false alarms, in vigilant communities these devices can be very effective. These systems contain a device that will activate a siren, lights, or horn if the car is tampered with. Consider a backup power source for the alarm, as professionals could deactivate the alarm if they get to the power source. Keys or code numbers to the alarm should never be given to parking lot attendants or valets.

Fuel Switch: This device stops the fuel supply.

Kill Switch: The car will not start unless a hidden switch is activated. The switch prevents electrical current from reaching the coil or carburetor. You should check your warranty before installing one of these switches. Some warranties prohibit installation of these devices, and doing so will nullify the warranty. Recommended product in this class is Starter Sentry by Master Lock.

Crook Lock: This lock is a long metal bar that has a hook on each end to lock the steering wheel to the brake pedal.

Armored Collar: This equipment consists of a metal shield that locks around the steering column and covers the ignition, the starter rods, and the steering wheel interlock rod.

Chain and Lock: These devices should be used to secure motorcycles and motorscooters. recommends vehicle owner use a layered approach to protecting their vehicle.

Click here to take a test to determine the level of protection recommended for your vehicle and location.


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